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It took me 18 years to learn how to speak. Well, not physically but mentally. I haven’t learnt a way around words in a very long time. Since my schooling days, making up a sentence always brought up an old rule:

Sentence = Subject + Predicate.

And I tend to think, what my subject is for this sentence that I can also predicate about and thus I ended up thinking and then a goodnight.

But then on a rather special Saturday morning as I remember it, something special happened. I was evolving and no it didn’t happened as they tell. I didn’t recognized it’s happening until I felt it changing me. There was something new in me. Something itchy. And then I realised, lo behold! I was writing. I was scribbling though, but I was making up sentences, on my own and they made sense. I couldn’t believe it for a year or two doubting, fearing “Oh I’m gonna lose it someday” I’d say along all the time. But then I got hold of it and started rummaging through my brain to find more of them. I wanted them all to know each other and that’s why I wrote a story first, I wanted them to sing for each other and that’s why I wrote my first poem. Then I felt to make them fall in love with each other and that’s when I started writing a book. It’s been a good affair since.

This blog is just another collection of those sentences that I adore and sometimes dismay too for being beautifully charming.

The name adorns my relationship with those sentences making them feel important and happy about themselves.

I hope you get a good look from their faces and also I hope I’ve done justice with them so that they may not disappoint you or themselves.

Thank you for coming here.
Hope you better stay.


Let’s get to know each other?

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